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New Single OUT 9th July

The Mountain and the Wave.

Ok so this new track is a little darker and dare I say, more sinister than previous tracks and I love it. It's inspired by a Greek mythology story, which I discovered through an artwork by Scotland's Margaret MacDonald. It tells the story of Tyro, a married woman racked with desire for the river god Enipeus, but she is tricked and seduced by a disguised, lust fuelled Poseidon. The story examines the total and complete power of addiction and how taking back that power must come from within. It was great fun to work with Ryan Halsey from Gravity Drive once agin and also the amazing Jason Boyd on bass but (sorry boys) the star of the show has to be the sampled Kawasaki Z900. Brrrmmm brrrmmmmm! Available from 9th July

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